Ethical Dilemmas in New York City as of year 2000-2016

Before we jump into any conclusions, Whats is an Ethical Dilemma?

Ethical refers to moral principles while a Dilema refer to situational complications or problems.

New York City is one of the busiest and populated cities in the entire world. Filled with diversed types of people.Multiple complications also occurs in the city of oppurtunities.Sadly eronous people also take these oppurtunities to advantage in their schemingly injusticed intentions.This site gives awareness of the major crimes that are occuring in New York City, why it is a crime, what may be the faith of the offendee and offender and how to prevent yourself from creating or being a victim

    According to the New York City's Statistics in 2016 these are the top 7 most commited crime in order
    1. grand laceny
    2. felanny assault
    3. roberry
    4. burglary
    5. gla
    6. rape
    7. muder

    For more information about an ethical dilema click the Ethical Dilema of your curiosity

    Reported Ethical Dilemma Statistics 2016 in New York City
    Ethical Dilemma Reported Crimes in 2016 Visual Example
    Grand Larceny 41,622
    Felanny Assault 19,751
    Robbery 14,599
    Burglary 12,205
    GLA 6,079
    Rape 1,360
    Murder 320